Bliss In A Bun and Baked Potatoes

All our burgers are served in a crusty cob
topped with ketchup, tomato, lettuce and Mayo
Served with spicy potato wedges or fries
and a mixed salad

Goat Burger
Try goat for a change.
For a healthier option with a subtle flavour

Classic Beef Burger
Our classic beef burger

Naughty Burger
Our homemade veggie burger
topped with smoked bacon and melted cheese

Cajun Chicken
Free-range chicken breast marinated in cajun spices

Smoked bacon, melted cheese,
tomato, salad and mayo

Loaded Baked Potatoes
Our baked potatoes are available in the following varieties:
Cheese or Beans
Cheese and Beans
Veg Curry
Beef Chilli with cheese

Open Tuesday – Saturday from 10am – 3pm